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backtobedlam's Journal

11 June
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Lauren. 15 years old. Born 11th June 1990. Blue eyes. Brown hair with fading blonde highlights.
Loves her best friends Ellie, Jason and Sophie. Spends most of her time going online, watching TV,
playing the PS2, singing, songwriting and attempting to play the guitar.

Westlife, Rooster, McFly, Son of Dork, Franz Ferdinand, Bon Jovi.
Christina Aguilera, Drake Bell, Robbie Williams, Ashlee Simpson, Jessica Simpson.
'Frasier', 'Drake & Josh', 'Will & Grace', 'Cheers', 'My Wife & Kids', 'America's Next Top Model'.

Funny quotes from my favourite television shows are great.

Niles: I was clinically dead for several minutes. I looked death square in the eye.
Martin: Well, you might have looked him in the eye, but I shook his hand.
Niles: Really. Well I kissed him on the cheek.
Martin: Well, I kissed him on the lips. Also, death was a girl.

Jack: I finally found my calling and it involves these two hands!
Will: So you're going to be self-employed?